BREAKING: Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Begin Process of Secession


Anticipating what they (rightfully) believe will become the most socialist-leaning administration since Great Britain ruled the colonies, conservatives in Texas are not planning on ‘waiting out’ Joe Biden’s term.

They want out, as in all the way out.

State Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R) filed legislation this week seeking to put the question of a “Texit” — a process by which the Lone Star state would become the Lone Star nation — to voters.

Called House Bill 1359, which is also known as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, the legislation called for a statewide ballot in November asking voters if they want to remain part of the United States or “establish an independent republic.”

The Epoch Times has more:

If voters say yes, then a committee would be formed to study the matter and make recommendations regarding the best way to break away from the rest of the country, including advice for how to amend the state Constitution to accommodate the proposed nation and recommendations for issues that would have to..(read more)