BREAKING: Judge Intervenes to Protect Texas Dems from Being Arrested on Return to the State


Texas Democrats can rest easy that they will not be arrested upon return to the Lone Star State, after fleeing from a vote on an election integrity bill and an ensuing “super spreader” event in Washington D.C.

“Democratic state lawmakers who fled Texas to stop Republicans from passing a voting bill can begin to return home this week after a state district judge issued an order prohibiting their arrest,” National Review reported. “The House Democrats obtained a temporary restraining order on Sunday, blocking the GOP from having them forcibly returned to the House chamber.”

“The restraining order prevents the lawmakers from being arrested, detained or confined in any way for two weeks,” the report continued. “The Democrats will now be able to continue to obstruct the legislation until at least August 20th, when Republicans will have an opportunity to challenge the order in a scheduled hearing.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott earlier had said that fleeing members of the Texas Legislature can be arrested upon their return if they are needed for a vote…(Read more)