BLM Leaders Call For Renewed Protests This Summer After Finding A Fantastic Beach House For Sale On Zillow


BERKELEY, CA—BLM leaders are calling for more nationwide protests this summer after discovering a fantastic home on Malibu Beach that they should easily afford if they begin riling people up now.

Co-founder Patrisse Cullors appeared as a guest on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight to get the word out about a need to protest something.

“BIPOCS are constantly marginalized and stuff like that,” Cullors told a vigorously nodding Don Lemon. “For example, I bought a six million dollar home with BLM donations and was heavily criticized for it. I had to resign as executive director of BLM. That’s racism at work! We need to hit the streets now!”

“You’re absolutely right,” said Lemon. “We need to call for justice and things like that. JUSTICE for Patrisse Cullors!”… (Read more)