Biden Mocked For Masking Up In World Leader Zoom Call — But Screenshots Don’t Tell The Whole Story


Critics mocked President Joe Biden for keeping a face mask on during a virtual meeting with world leaders Friday — but screenshots of the meeting did not tell the whole story.

Most of those who were criticizing the president either shared or responded to the same screenshot, taken from the video call when Russian President Vladimir Putin was speaking.

Joe Biden was masked up for a Zoom Call with 16 other World leaders… He was the only idiot wearing a mask by himself… In a room for a Zoom Call… This isn’t a leader, this is an embarrassment..

Biden is vaccinated and still wears a mask. It’s embarrassing.

Jenna Ellis, who served as senior legal counsel to former President Donald Trump, noted that even the Supreme Court Justices — who had all been vaccinated against coronavirus — posed fo… (Read more)