Biden marks 6 months in office on Instagram, gets shredded in comments


Joe Biden appeared to have learned some tricks from the trade from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about conducting illicit government business. The primary trick, namely, being to not leave a government paper trail when dealing with one’s jet-setting son when he is out engaging in shady business deals for which he’s not qualified while he is abroad.

When Biden was vice president, he sent a number of emails to Hunter Biden with government information in them under the private account, as was uncovered in Hunter Biden’s laptop. The findings were reported at Just the News.

“Messages, sometimes signed ‘Dad,’ from the email account were found on a Hunter Biden laptop seized by the FBI in December 2019 from a Delaware computer shop owner,” John Solomon and Natalia Mittelstadt reported.

The matter is more than a historical curiosity, however, because some of the messages recovered pertain to business relationships and government information; potentially, insider information.

One example cited by Just the News was a November 2014 email regarding a man in Turkey who was set to be released that was forwarded from the State Department.

“The lead attorney for Mr. O’Connor reports that the court granted the detention appeal and he expected Mr. O’Connor to be released…(Read more)