Biden Fails To Answer Question About Trump’s House Raid


Tuesday brought news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a raid at the Mar-a-Largo residence of former President Donald Trump.

A day after federal agents searched the former president’s home in Florida, the current president was seen walking by reporters and ignoring their questions about the investigation.

President Biden, what did Attorney General Merrick Garland say to you about the raid that was executed on the Trump personal residence?” While the song “God Bless America” played in the background, it is possible to hear a reporter shouting at the president while he was posing for a photo.

Did you find out about it before it happened?” As he exits the room, the reporter, Kaitlan Collins, from CNN, can be heard questioning him. Biden keeps his happy attitude as he walks by Collins and a large group of reporters, but he doesn’t stop or answer any of their questions.

On Monday, Donald Trump issued a long statement in which he disclosed the raid and condemned the FBI’s actions as being biased and politically motivated… (Read more)