Barr Has ‘No Plan’ to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden

Attorney General William Barr told reporters on Monday that he did not intend to appoint a special counsel for the Hunter Biden federal tax investigation.

Hunter Biden revealed earlier this month that he was the subject of a federal tax investigation, however, the scope of the probe is unclear and may deal with suspicions of money laundering involving the incoming president’s son. President Trump was reportedly weighing the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the probe.

“If I thought a special counsel at this stage was the right tool, I would name one, but I haven’t and I’m not going to,” Barr said at a press conference.

In line with DOJ policy, Barr also did not reveal the existence of the federal probe into Hunter Biden’s taxes before the general election, a decision that reportedly drew Trump’s ire. Barr announced last week that he would resign on December 23, following a month of reported tensions with the president.

Barr also indicated that there was no clear basis for appointing a special counsel to investigate the president’s claims of widespread voter fraud during the election. While Trump has alleged that Democrats “stole” the election by means of widespread voter fraud, Barr has publicly stated that the Justice Department did not discover fraud on a scale that could alter the election results.

Barr again appeared to contradict Trump on Tuesday when he told reporters that a massive cyberattack against U.S. government agencies last week was executed by Russia. Trump has suggested that China might be behind the attacks.

“I agree with Secretary [of State Mike] Pompeo’s assessment,” Barr said. “It certainly appears to be the Russians, but I’m not going to discuss it beyond that.”