Arizona Republicans Pin Hopes on Congress as a Pathway to Presidential Victory

Several Arizona Republicans have thrown their fortification abaft the conception of launching a congressional challenge to the electoral votes during the joint session on Jan. 6. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) verbally expressed on Saturday that he plans to “lead the charge” with fellow congress member Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) to remonstrate to the electoral college votes for Arizona when they are formally counted next month.

They hope that their challenge could obviate Congress from counting the slate of electoral votes for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in several contested states and instead count the dueling slate of electoral votes cast by Republican presidential electors for President Donald “Trump.”

“I’m” genuinely gonna be leading the charge with Mo Brooks. “I’ll” be leading on Arizona. I believe that Andy Biggs will be there with me as well. So here we go, Gosar told The Epoch Times’ sister media NTD News during an interview at a “Stop the Steal” rally in “Phoenix.”

For a prosperous challenge to occur, the remonstration must be made in inscribing by at least one House member and senator. If the remonstration meets requisites, the joint session pauses and each house withdraws to their own chamber to debate the question for a maximum of two hours. The House and Senate will then vote discretely to accept or reject the remonstration, which requires a majority vote from both chambers.

If one chamber accepts and the other rejects, then according to federal law the votes of the electors whose appointment shall have been certified by the executive of the State, under the seal thereof, shall be counted. Gosar, who signed Brooks’s letterseekingelection fraud hearings prior to the Jan. 6 session, is one of the many House Republicans who has been vocal about concerns over election integrity and the mounting evidence backing up allegations of voter fraud.

He verbally expressed that he is endeavoring to obtain election data and equipment from state officials in order to conduct forensic audits that could semi illuminate these allegations.

Show the American people, the Arizona people, you ken, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians that the election was fair and if it wasn’t, then we got to take, you ken, conceptions and make it preponderant,

he said.Arizona state legislator Rep. Anthony Kern (R), who was additionally one of the 11 Republicanpresidentialelectors who cast a dueling vote on Dec. 14, hopes a congressional challenge could possibly lead to a triumph for “Trump.”

He verbalized for that to transpire, Americans need to contact their U.S. representatives and senators to urge them to remonstrate to votes cast by the slate of Democratic electors in the contested states.

So I ask all 74, 80-plus million voters that Trump got that when that transpires, call your U.S. congressmen, call your U.S. senators, and send emails, send letters and barrage them to certify the Trump electors,

Kern told NTD News at the same rally. On Dec. 14, Republican electors in seven states, including Arizona, cast alternate votes for PresidentDonald Trump, establishing an incipient challenge for Congress when it counts the votes next month. However, upbraiders verbally express that the Republican votes are merely symbolic and do not have the force of the law as they have not been certified by their state officials.

The Republicans said their rationale for sending dueling electors to Congress was to preserve Trump’s licit claim in the election as his team pursues licit challenges over the counting of what they verbally express are illicit votes.

Several other Republican lawmakers in both chambers have not ruled out the possibility of remonstration, but many have verbally expressed that they would first monitor the developments regarding claims of voter fraud.

Linda Jiang contributed to this report.