AOC Calls For Creation Of 1.5 Million Member ‘Climate Corps’ To Enforce Green New Deal


Now that the Biden administration has embraced the radical ideas of the Democratic party’s far-left progressive wing and their Green New Deal agenda, the government could soon be empowering a legion of enforcers.

The idea comes from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who remains the ideological driving force behind the party’s embrace of previously unthinkable socialist ideas, who is now calling for the creation of an army of 1.5 million strong to put boots on the ground in the war against climate change.

AOC is leading a cadre of leftist Democrats who want Joe Biden to commit to founding the Civilian Climate Corps which will be ostensibly be tasked with maintaining and cleaning up parks and “natural land” but could conceivably be repurposed as political enforcers similar to those typically seen in some of history’s most notorious oppressive regimes.

Ocasio-Cortez touted the idea via Twitter, her preferred communications medium that connects her with her cult-like followers including hordes of devoted media “reporters” who have facilitated her messaging efforts.

According to AOC; “The Civilian Climate Corps aims to employ 1.5 million(Read more)