‘A Profound Disaster’: Joe Concha Says Kamala Harris’ Handling Of Border Crisis ‘Seriously Diminishes’ Her Chances In 2024


Fox News contributor Joe Concha said Wednesday that Vice President Kamala Harris’ Central American trip has been “a profound disaster” and her handling of the border crisis will impair any presidential run in 2024.

“You talk to any Democrat who watched what we witnessed with the vice president visiting Central America and particularly that interview with Lester Holt where Holt actually pressed her on why haven’t you been to the border and she says, ‘Well, I haven’t been to Europe either, I don’t understand your point,’ cackle: his was a profound disaster,” Concha told host Harris Faulkner on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus.”

Concha argued that Harris won’t be able to solve the border crisis “and this will give almost certainly the House back to the GOP in 2022 and really diminishes her chances to be the 2024 nominee if [President] Joe Biden decides not to run.”

“And this isn’t just Republicans saying that,” Concha insisted.

The Hill columnist noted that Biden passed the responsibility of trying “to f… (Read more)