A MASSIVE Declassification, Pardon, And Special Counsel Appointments May Be Underway From President Trump


If these reports are true then this is HUGE news!

The Biden Harris Presidency (if it even happens) will probably be the shortest lived tenure in office we have ever seen. These people are so obviously corrupt, and picked a fight with the wrong guy.

According to reports, President Trump is about to take massive action over the next several days, appointing special counsel to investigate Dominion and the China-Biden Cartel. 

That’s not all he is up to, massive declassification and pardon efforts will also be underway over the next couple of days. 

These people not only hate our country, but they spit in the face of a guy who is relentless. In short: he is going to make them hate their lives beginning on January 20th, and it won’t end there. 

Maybe this is what President Trump meant when he said in a recent speech: “This is just the beginning of our journey together.” 

According to CNBC Washington Correspondent Eamon Javers, President Donald Trump is gearing up to take massive action against his political foes as well as the Biden family.

“A former sr administration official tells me President Trump has slew of pardons ready to go, as well as executive orders, plans to declassify Ukraine info and appoint special counsels on Hunter Biden and possibly Dominion voting machines as well,” Javers said in a tweet on Thursday. “Unclear which he will do.”

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